Whether in our personal lives or at work, cyber security awareness is important for us all. The digital revolution presents huge advantages, but also brings new risks that we need to understand and tackle given our increasing dependence on cyberspace. There has never been a better time to invest in cyber security training.

Whether you are new to cyber security or you are an experienced security professional looking to enhance your skills, Netfirm technologies can help you or your organisation find the right training.

Matters handled by the firm in the areas of cyber law and data breach preparedness and response include:

  • Assessment of network and data security
  • Assessment of cyber insurance coverage
  • Breach preparedness
  • Risk management
  • Draft, audit and review cyber policies and procedures
  • Employee education and breach response plan education
  • Rapid and comprehensive incident response
  • Identification of source and scope of incident and breach
  • Data breach litigation and claims management