Netfirm technologies offers high-tech car tracking security solutions ensuring your vehicles are kept secure, whatever use they have. If you fit our tracking device, you can be sure that it is not only insurance approved, but also that it has been made using our award-winning, unique technology. Netfirm technologies also has nationwide support from all Kenyan police forces, so you know that the authorities are at hand, should your vehicle ever be stolen. With our tracking services, you have the best possible chance of retrieving your stolen vehicle because you have the support network, but also the very latest in cutting edge vehicle tracking technology.

Our tracking devices are hidden so that thieves cannot find and remove them easily. When the car is reported as missing, the device will be activated and we will be able to send the signal to the police. They can then track your vehicle and recover it. You also have the option of coverage in East Africa, so should your car leave the country, you still have the chance of recovering it.